Our patient’s comfort is one of our top priorities. Here, we incorporate a variety of different options, including topical numbing, dental blocks, distraction techniques, and HealMD products, to ensure our patients have the most relaxing experience possible at Isla!

Topical Numbing

Topical numbing is used for aesthetics to prevent pain by numbing the area of the skin to be treated before the procedure is carried out. A topical anesthetic cream is typically applied to the area around 15 minutes prior to the procedure. This helps to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort the patient may experience during the procedure. The numbing cream also helps to reduce the risk of bleeding and swelling that can occur with certain aesthetic treatments.

Dental Block

A dental block is an injection of local anesthesia used to block pain in the area where an aesthetic procedure is to be performed most commonly in areas on or around the lips.

Distraction Tools

Distraction tools can be used to help manage and reduce pain in a variety of ways. These tools can range from cognitive distractions, such as having the patient focus on our facial vibrating tool, stress balls, and cold compresses. Distraction tools can help to promote relaxation and divert the patient’s focus away from the pain.

HealMD Products

HealMD products are used in aesthetics to prevent pain by providing a topical numbing solution. The topical numbing solution is applied to the area prior to the procedure to help reduce discomfort. Additionally, HealMD products can be used to reduce inflammation, redness, and swelling after a procedure.